Posted 1 year ago

December 15.
I’ll remember this day.
The day you said goodbye.

Posted 1 year ago


Her skin beneath mine felt like heaven.

It was wrong, all of it was wrong.

But, it was bliss. Pure. Bliss.

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” Writing about you is the only way I can meet you. It’s the only way I can be with you.”

Posted 1 year ago

To break or to keep

I love the way she laughs
It still echoes in the back of my mind
The way she says my name
What I’d do to make her mine

I wonder what she’s doing
While I’m singing myself to sleep
She already owns my heart
And its hers to break or to keep

I now know with all certainty
That she’s all I’ve ever wanted
And if I don’t fight for this
I will be forever haunted

Every night I think of her
And I wonder if she ever thinks of me
I’m the one who wants to be with her
Why can’t she see?

Posted 1 year ago
The thing with hope is that it paralyzes you. It keeps you from moving on.
Posted 1 year ago
I wish sometimes you’d show me that you want me too..
Posted 1 year ago
I’ll do anything you ever dreamed to be complete..
Slide - Goo Goo Dolls
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You came to me like a gentle summer breeze

Twirling and swirling me in your dance

Like a drizzle of rain pouring ever so softly

I was mesmerized.. I was entranced.


You came to me like a gust of wind

Blowing harder day after day

Until you swept me off my feet

And took my breath away


You came to me like a storm in the night

At the break of dawn you stole my heart

And when everything was all but said and done

I was left there to crash and burn


I looked for you then,

but you were in places my eyes could not see

I fell for you then,

but you weren’t there to catch me


And with your passing

I am left weathered, worn, and torn

We met by chance, you left by choice

Now all that’s left is a broken heart

After the storm

I wrote this poem about a girl named Vanessa. I haven’t written in over a decade so this might be a little rough around the edges (if not rough at all). She’s someone I know from work and while I know that office romances don’t work in general, the reasons why this won’t ever work are entirely different. I’ll expound on that some other time though.

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Intro of sorts..

Hey random stranger who stumbled (by chance) into this tumblr blog of sorts! Nothing much to see here.. except maybe the musings and rantings of a hopeless romantic. ;p

Design is still a bit lacking, using the most minimalistic of the default themes tumblr has to offer. I’ll probably design my own when I get the time though, so bear with it for now.

So, a little about me. I’m  a 23 year old bachelor. I write, or try to anyway, stuff about love, infatuations, day-to-day flings, and of course, the heartbreaks. I’m still looking for that one special person whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with. With that being said, I’ve only been in a serious relationship with two girls. I’ve dated a smattering of other girls but the ones that have really mesmerized me are few and far between.

Ok, ok, enough ranting. Soooo, I’ll be keeping this blog as a journal of sorts and hopefully when I find ‘the one’, I’ll look back to this very first post, read it all the way to the latest entry and see the trials and tribulations this hopeless romantic had to face and overcome in this game of love before finally finding that one true love.